Valuation report

A valuation is an estimate of the market value of a house by an expert. It takes into account the type of house, the size, the state of maintenance and the location. A good value judgement plays a major role in making a decision. That is why our expert thoroughly investigates the property.

A valuation may be necessary for a variety of reasons, for example for:

  • The purchase or sale of your property;
  • Obtaining or refinancing the mortgage;
  • Obtaining a National Mortgage Guarantee;
  • Fiscal reasons, such as determining the property tax and for balance sheet valuation;
  • Taxes: (income tax, transfer tax, inheritance tax);
  • Expropriation;
  • Separation of property.

A recent valuation report is required in order to obtain a mortgage. The valuation must be handled by an independent appraiser who is not involved in the purchase or sale of the property.

If you call us for a valuation, we will make sure that you have an elaborate appraisal report as quickly as possible.