Step-by-step sales plan

We are happy to take the burden of your shoulders and support you throughout the entire process of selling your home.


Step 1.                 Free appointment - valuation:


Of course we will be happy to make an appointment, free of any obligations, with you in your home, so we can give you an indication of a sensible asking price and the expected return on the sale of the house.


Step. 2                  Assignment to provide services:


If you decide that we can take care of selling the property for you, we will draw up a document in which we clearly record our agreements with you, so you know where you stand.

We also ask you to fill out a questionnaire. We will need to receive the required documents from you, such as the deed of purchase / deed of division / information about the owner's association / other relevant documents.



Questionnaire                                                               vVe Questionnaire                                               Order to provide services


Step 3.                  Start of the Sale:


We will start by making professional photos, drawing floor plans, creating 360-degree photos and writing a nice catchy presentation text.


A good presentation is essential to attract as many potential buyers as possible. After your approval of the presentation we will showcase the property online.


We showcase your property on:;;;;;












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Step 4.                  Viewings & negotiations:


We will inform you at least one day in advance if any viewings are planned. We will be present a short time before a visit to make sure the property looks spic and span. We welcome the potential buyers and show them around the house. At the end of the viewing we will leave the house and make sure all doors and windows are properly locked.


Afterwards we will inform you about how the visit went. We will keep in touch to keep you informed about any developments.


When a bid is made, we will, of course, handle the negotiations on your behalf. Each bid will be discussed with you before we take a follow-up step.



Step 5.                  Purchase agreement & Notary:


When an agreement is reached, we will take care of the legal aspects for you. The preliminary purchase agreement is drawn up and we schedule the appointments for signing it.


After signing the contract, we will make sure the files are handed over to the notary.


Step 6.                  Transfer and acceptance:


On the day of the final commission of the property, we will carry out the final inspection of the home with you and the buyer. The meter readings will be recorded and handed over to both parties.


We will also be present at the notary's office for the final check of the Act of Delivery and for handling any last-minute issues. After you have signed, we will of course remain your point of contact for any questions you may have.



In short, we take the burden off your shoulders!